The Fladgate Collection 3 x 20cl Port Mini Decanter Gift Pack (Taylors Reserve, Fonseca Bin 27, Croft Triple Crown)

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Three classic Fladgate Ports in this excellent gift set, these three miniature 20cl decanters are the perfect introduction to different brands of Port or a lovely gift for someone who enjoys a little taster. Contains 1 x 20cl of each of the following: 1 x Taylors Reserve 20cl Reserve Port is blended from full bodied young red wines, then aged in oak vats where it softens and develops without losing the fresh, intense fruity character and deep ruby colour. Firm, vigorous, full-bodied palate, with powerful fruit flavours and a long finish. It has a potent nose of concentrated fruit, with blackcurrant, plum and liquorice flavours. Its luscious texture is supported by a firm structure giving the wine restrained elegance. Perfect with rich cheeses, dried fruit, and desserts made of chocolate or black fruit. 1 x Fonseca Bin 27 20cl Fonseca Bin No27 was created over a century ago for family consumption, and only released commercially in 1972. It is produced primarily from wines from Fonseca's own quintas in the Cima Corgo and thus shows an exceptional quality and consistency from year to year. Blended from reserve wines selected for their superb fruit character and depth of colour, its well-knit structure, rich, velvety full body and luscious blackcurrant and cherry flavours, also dominant in the bouquet, finish on an intense, lingering note. 1 x Croft Triple Crown 20cl Rich in style and full bodied, this is one of the most respect and sort after ports, a blend made up of young wines, made for early consumption and goes very well with cheese, it can also be enjoyed on its own at the end of a meal. Matured in oak for an average of three years, Croft Triple Crown is one of the most established and respected Port brands with a loyal following among knowledgeable wine drinkers.