Taylor's Chip Dry Port (3 Pack)

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Taylor’s introduced Chip Dry, a new style of white aperitif Port, in 1934. Made from traditional white grape varieties, it is fermented for longer than usual to give it an appetisingly crisp dry finish. Several years of ageing in oak vat and careful blending complete the fresh fruit flavours with an elegant, complex nuttiness. Produced in limited quantities, Chip Dry white Port is sold in individually numbered bottles marked with the Atkinson cellar name in which the wine was aged. 

Tasting Notes

Pale, straw colour. Delicate nose combining fresh fruit fragrances with the mellow aromas and hints of oak of a traditional white port. Fresh, lively palate, with good flavour and crisp, dry finish. 

How to Serve

Chip Dry White Port is a stylish and sophisticated aperitif, the perfect introduction to a relaxed meal. It is best served chilled in a large Port glass and accompanied by marinated olives or roasted almonds. Chip Dry can also be used to make a refreshing and original summer drink by mixing one part of Chip Dry white Port with two parts of chilled Tonic water in a tall glass, adding a sprig of mint or a twist of lemon.


“…..try a wacky style of aperitif – white Port and tonic. With loads of ice, a sprig of mint, a slosh of Chip Dry and a splash of tonic. It’s very tasty indeed!” Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail, 2016


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