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Perfect 70th Birthday, Anniversary or Retirement gift.

1x75cl 40 Year Old Taylor's Tawny Port, 1x75cl 30 Year Taylor's Old Tawny Port and 2x20cl branded Taylor's Port glasses packed in a Taylor's gift box.

ade entirely from the grapes grown on Taylor’s own properties, Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses which still produces 30 and 40 year old aged Tawny Port. Decades of evaporation and ageing in wood have concentrated the wines almost to an essence, producing intense and complex nutty and spicy aromas and a dense and concentrated palate full of rich mellow flavour.

Tasting Notes

Taylor's 40 year old Tawny Port: A sublime Port of very great age which shows the old olive-gold hue of its many years in cask. Decades of evaporation have concentrated this extraordinary wine to an exceptional density, with a powerful nose of dried fruit, honey and a touch of spice. Impressions of nutmeg, roasted coffee and an intense nuttiness converge both in the bouquet and on the palate. The wine´s rich, intense, voluptuous, almost viscous texture culminate in a finish of incredible length.

Taylors 30year old Tawny Port: Intense amber tawny colour. Opulent and voluptuous nose of complex spicy, jammy and nutty aromas, hints of orange flower and a fine oakiness coming from the long period of ageing in cask. The palate is full of very rich and concentrated flavour and has a long mellow finish

How to Serve

Taylor’s 30 and 40 Year Old Tawny Ports need no accompaniment but could be served with the rich, nutty and fruity characters of a Comté or an aged Pecorino cheese.


Taylor's 40 year old Tawny Port: "Big, weighty and mouth filling, this is an aromatic Tawny that finishes with acidity and tension. Gripping on the finish, its flavours become more interesting as long as it sits in the glass (or on your palate). It is still a fine experience and my favourite" Mark Squires,The Wine Advocate, December 2015

Taylor's 30 year old Tawny Port: "...This is wonderfully constructed with that long, intensely flavourful finish. Dig in. Make sure not to drink them too warm" Mark Squires, The Wine Advocate, December 2015


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